Client: International Towers

Every year TEDxSydney is the much anticipated full day of talks, films, music and debate, and was one of the largest TEDx events in the world. For the second year in a row Ted & Co. Events partnered with the International Towers to offer their community access to the live streaming of TEDxSydney 2017 direct from the International Convention Centre (ICC).

With speakers curated from a wide spectrum of disciplines and backgrounds, they not only argued for, but showed us how to make real change happen. With the big screen streaming the whole day in the intimate North lobby of Tower Two we encouraged our community to drop in as often as your schedule allowed.

Speaker schedule that featured on the day:


  • Airling, fast becoming one of the most talked about young artists in Australia
  • Bronwyn King, Australian radiation oncologist
  • Tom Griffiths, Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science at Berkeley University
  • Judy Atkinson, community worker and academic in the fields of violence, trauma and healing
  • L-FRESH The LION, prowling the Australian scene, the Western Sydney artist has quickly become renowned for his powerful presence, inspiring live shows and thought-provoking lyricism
  • Jane Gilmore, a journalist with a strong focus on data journalism and feminism



  • Uncle Jack Charles, award-winning actor, Aboriginal elder and musician
  • Sarah Blasko, acclaimed singer, songwriter, musician and producer
  • Sarah Houbolt, Paralympic swimmer and circus performer
  • David Power, helping to end the threat of illegal fishing and overfishing to Pacific Island communities
  • Andy Dexterity, a performance maker recognised for his unique brand of movement, which fuses dance, physical theatre and signed languages


  • Stu Hunter, multi award winning Australian composer, producer and pianist
  • Fast Ideaswhere TEDsters are invited on stage to pitch a great idea in 30 seconds flat
  • Scott Griffiths, researcher of male body dissatisfaction and eating disorders
  • Jordan Raskopoulos, comedian, actor, singer and co-creator of The Axis of Awesome
  • Peter Greste, an award-winning foreign correspondent
  • Ngaiire, one of Australia’s most unique and fearless musicians